Our RV Living experiment preparation; 5 days to launch

Laurie and I are making our final preparations for our RV trip. Only 5 days remain until we leave our island home to go load up our rental motor home and go live on the road for two weeks. We are calling this a trial run to see if RV Living might be a workable part of our future plans.
Preparing for our trip has a unique set of challenges for us. Laurie and I live on Catalina Island in Southern California USA. We have quite a load of stuff that I think we need to take with us. We need our camp chairs, blankets, pillows, games, hiking gear, fishing gear etc. for us, we can’t drive the RV to our house and load all of this stuff up.
Catalina island is 20 plus miles from the closest mainland cities. The City of Avalon has restrictions on the number and size of vehicles that are allowed to be on the island. Most of us drive golf carts on the island as our primary mode of transportation. Vehicles do not go back and forth on a ferry, they are considered cargo and only go across on a freight barge and it is very expensive. Additionally, the passenger ferries limit how much baggage you can bring across too. Therefore we have to gather all that we want to bring on our trip and take it to the freight line at least two business days before we want to pick it up on the other side.
Today is Tuesday; we are taking a trip to Long Beach to do some shopping and take care of other errands. This is another aspect of island life, we have to take a whole day to go overtown (overtown is our island expression to describe the mainland) to go shopping. What we buy today we will leave in our car until we pick up the motor home. For many islanders we have a car overtown that is parked in long term parking near the ferry terminals. The car is not only our way of getting around but it is also kind of a small storage unit. We keep a set of travel supplies like toiletries, camping gear, extra clothes, ice chests etc. in our our car so we always have it when we go to the mainland.
Thursday I plan on taking the things we have here on the island to the freight line. Before we pick up our motor home on Monday we will go pick up our stuff at the freight line in San Pedro (LA Harbor). So as I said, because of living on an island we have to work through some additional logistical challenges.
I learned from the book I read about RV living that it is important to be able to level your motor home. Our rental does not come with a leveling system. One of the things I will shop for today is leveling blocks. Adjustable blocks that you drive the motor home onto to level it. There is a trick to it and I look forward to the challenge of working through that learning curve. I love trying to figure that kind of stuff out. I am bringing a traditional level but with the latest iPhone update there is a leveling ap on my phone; I can’t wait to try it.
Well I feel pretty good about where we are on our plan. I’m getting exited but as always I am nervous because I fret about forgetting something. But once we get our motor home and hit the freeway out of LA it will be time to relax and enjoy the journey.

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Tim Sanchez

Entrepreneur operating a Packaging and Shipping Services Business and an E-commerce business in Avalon, California on Catalina Island.

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