Our RV experiment; The Plan

It is Friday, October 19, 2018. We leave in two days for our RV trip. The trip is our first time using a motor home or any RV for that matter. My wife Laurie and I are approximately 5 years away from independence. We do not really view breaking away from our secular jobs as retirement per se. Instead it is basically opening up a door to a lifestyle of entrepreneurship where we will live off of income generated by our businesses rather than working as employees for someone else. Our dream is to be mobile, and part of that includes spending a lot of time in a Motor Home, possibly living in one full time.
We are renting a 30 foot motor home from Cruise America in Carson California. Yesterday I put all of the things that I think we will need for our trip on the barge in Avalon. On Sunday we leave our home on Catalina Island and we will start getting into vacation mode. We will stay in a hotel in Torrance Sunday night. Monday morning we will go pick up our stuff from the barge terminal in San Pedro then we will pick up or RV at 1:00 pm.
It will take some time to receive all of the information and basic training on how to use the RV and everything in it. When that is done we will set out on the road, stop for groceries, and head to Lytle Creek Campground near San Bernardino, CA.
Tuesday we head north, we have plans to visit Las Vegas, Zion National Park, Bryce Canyon national park, Lake Powell and the Grand Canyon.
Along the way we will review and blog about our experience, the places we stay and see and what we learn about RV’ing that may be helpful to others who want to do the same thing someday.
I hope you follow along by following our blog, Facebook, twitter and You Tube vlog.

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Tim Sanchez

Entrepreneur operating a Packaging and Shipping Services Business and an E-commerce business in Avalon, California on Catalina Island.

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