RV experiment Day Zero

Laurie and I are on Vacation! I am calling it day zero because we are just leaving Catalina Island where we live. We are on the 11:45 Catalina Express passenger ferry to Long Beach. Our “real” vacation starts tomorrow when we pick up our rental motor home and leave L.A.

The last couple days were a whirlwind of planning, packing and tying up loose ends. While I require a week of putting together enough items to last a year, Laurie started packing an hour before we left. I am a chronic over packer, I have to be prepared for anything. I have to work on that! We met some friends for dinner at The Avalon Grill and that was an awesome kickoff for our vacation.

Well we are as ready as can be. We loaded up our island car and headed for the boat.

file oct 21, 12 36 25 pm

I have been closely watching the weather and I have already made some adjustments to our route based on the forecast. In fact the weather has turned from not so good to very favorable so I am planning on getting to Zion National Park one day earlier than expected. I had planned a stop over in Las Vegas but I want to get out into nature as soon as possible.

Well our day Zero is our chance to start turning our attention away from our daily grind at home and start getting our mind and spirit into relaxation mode. We have a hotel reserved for tonight in Torrance. We have our hearts set on having a sushi dinner tonight and to get set for our big day tomorrow.

Our plan is to post an update daily on this blog and our social media accounts. We may, however, be unplugged from interned at some of our destinations so we might miss a day here and there. I hope you will enjoy following along with our adventure.

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Tim Sanchez

Entrepreneur operating a Packaging and Shipping Services Business and an E-commerce business in Avalon, California on Catalina Island.

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