Tim and Lauries RV experiment day 1

Sunday we were so hungry and tired when we got to our hotel room in Torrance. Since we are starting our special trip I booked a king suite at the courtyard inn; ooh Fancy! We had a craving for sushi so we checked online to find a sushi bar nearby with good ratings. We decided on Toyo Sushi in Torrance and we loved it. We went to our room afterword and watched our Netflix show that we are enjoying and went to bed at 8:30. Then at 12:30 am I woke up and that was it . I was awake and my brain went into overdrive. I sat in the living room for 4 hours writing, reading and researching. I could not sleep at all. Eventually I caught a couple hours before we got up around 9:30.

Still full from our sushi the night before we just hung out drinking coffee and chatting, we left the hotel at 11:00, went to the freight line in San Pedro and picked up our stuff from the island. Went to IHOP for breakfast at noon and made it for our 1:00 appointment to pick up the motor home right on time.


Look! Our Motor Home comes with a rental dog.

When you reserve an RV from cruise America you need to make an appointment and the earliest appointments are 1:00. There were a couple of brothers from Germany who got there first and we were second. The people there, both the employees and the customers, were so nice and friendly. The process of checking out the RV was very easy and fast. We were done in no time. We unloaded our baggage from our car into the motor home, I drove it to Long Beach where we park our car in long term parking while Laure followed in the car. She parked the car and we hit the road at 2:30 PM. Yay!


Boo, it took 4 hours to go 60 miles to our first camp site. Gotta love LA traffic! We stopped for groceries just 9 miles from our campground and headed into the beautiful San Bernardino National Forrest to the Bonita Canyon RV park at Lytle Creek; in the dark. We really wanted to get here before dark so we can have daylight to set things up for the first time. Oh well, it really is not that complicated. Plus I read a book about how to do it and I watched some tutorial videos, so it was a breeze. The office was closed when we got there so I called the managers phone that was listed on the door. He was not at the park but he told us to go in and find an empty spot and we can settle up tomorrow. That was nice, the kind of laid back and friendly service that I am hoping We will typically encounter while RVing.

We are quickly compiling a list of things we should have brought. Since it is a rental, it really does not come with a lot of extras. We need a small rug for inside and a doorstep rug outside for wiping the feet. That is a couple things we realized right off the bat, I am sure there will be more. We will most likely stop at a Wall Mart again along the way to buy a couple more things.


Well, we unpacked and organized and made the bed. It took about an hour and a half to put everything away where we think we want them, but we are set.


We had a beer and a cheese and cracker snack and we are settling in for the evening. We have very little cell signal here so my blog is going out Tuesday morning when we will be hitting the road toward Zion National Park in Utah.

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