Tim and Lauries RV Experiment day 2

Viva Las Vegas. Laurie and I had a good first night in our motor home. We were up early and I made a pot of coffee and we sat and talked and had a nice morning. We left the windows open overnight and it was just right, until just before sunrise. It is always coldest just before dawn but it was really cold. Our heater worked like a champ. We will really need that when we get to Bryce Canyon later this week with overnight lows expected to be around 30 degrees F.


After a bowl of oatmeal we set out for St George Utah. An ambitious quest that we would soon realize is unrealistic. We left Bonita Ranch at 9:00 AM, we got gas and headed North on the I-15 over El Cajon pass. That took a while. We stopped at a random am/pm in the middle nowhere around noon because I was hungry. We made veggie sandwiches in the RV, ate and at that moment I thought that we were still about 2 hours from Las Vegas. We would get there around 2:45 and we would still have a couple hours to St George.

Lesson learned; getting around in a motor home takes a lot more time than getting around in a car! Therefore I decided to stop and stay the night in Vegas. I called ahead to the Oasis RV resort and reserved a space. I told them I am renting a motor home from Cruise America so they said “oh, you get a 20% discount”. Sweet! We got to Oasis at 2:45 as predicted and set up camp. There are so many unbelievable motor homes here. We are going crazy drooling over the 3 million dollar class A motor homes that are here, wow. There are dozens of them and they are literally mansions on wheels.


A random thing happened on the way to Vegas: a couple weeks ago Laurie started following a couple on Instagram who lived in a van for 6 months and have been traveling all over. Their photos and stories are inspiring and beautiful. She eventually realized that we know them. It gets better. Crystal and Chad were following our adventure on social media too. They were driving on their way to Benton Hot Springs, one of our favorite places too, and they realized that we were close to where they are. Chad was passing a motor home and said, I wonder if that is Tim and Laurie. It is! So we are driving through El Cajon pass and Lauries phone rings with a random number from Hawaii so she ignores it, then the same number pops up on my phone so she answered it. The voice on the other side said; this is Crystal and Chad, we are right in front of you. Wow! Laurie recognized the van from the Instagram photos. We pulled off the road at a Starbucks and got to hang out with them for a while. It was so awesome. We Love you guys, hope you can come visit us on the island soon.


I think one of the best things that we can look forward to when we unplug and live the independent RV road warrior life is the friends we will make and friends we will encounter along the way. Being rich is not at all about money. Being rich is about relationships and experiences. Money is important for being able to have your needs cared for and for a measure of comfort. The most important investments you should make for becoming independent and / or retired is investments in your spiritual and physical health and in forging lasting relationships. Money can run out or get lost or stolen and your health will eventually fail; but nobody can take away your faith or friends.


Oasis RV resort in Las Vegas is a massive 55 acre – Casablanca themed resort with a thousand spaces and a 24,000 square foot clubhouse with a store, restaurant , fitness center, meeting spaces and more. Outside are two lagoon style swimming pools with white sand beaches, a jacuzzi, an 18 hole putting golf course and a dog park. The bathrooms and showers are large and clean, and they have nice laundry facilities. We parked in a pull through space, it is wide and spacious with a picnic table and full hookups. With our discount it was only $42.00 per night. The resort is just minutes from the Las Vegas strip so if you want to go catch a show or tour the strip it is easy enough to go do that.

Next up is day 3, heading to Zion national park for 3 nights at the Zion River Resort. Now it’s gonna get real good! Look for our photos on Tim’s Instagram and Facebook. And Laurie’s Instagram and Facebook.

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Tim Sanchez

Entrepreneur operating a Packaging and Shipping Services Business and an E-commerce business in Avalon, California on Catalina Island.

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