Tim and Lauries Rv experiment Day 4

Our RV site is right next to the Virgin river. There is a berm so we can’t see the river but we can hear it. It is sweet music and so wonderful to sleep and wake up to the sound of running water.

The Zion River RV Resort is very pretty with lots of trees. The staff is very friendly, the facilities are clean and well maintained. They have their own free shuttle service that will take you to the entrance of Zion National Park. There is a heated swimming pool and a jacuzzi, nice lounge and game areas with TVs a pool table and laundry facilities.

We got to the shuttle that takes us to the entrance of Zion National Park at 9:00, right on time. The park is 16 miles away, the shuttle drops off right at the entrance of the park. It costs $35.00 for what they call a carload, or we can buy an annual pass for $80.00 and that gets your carload into any national park in the country as many times as you want for a year. What would you do? We got an annual pass. We still have 5 more days of national park visits on this trip alone, the pass will pay for itself and then some on our 3rd visit.


Once inside Zion national park, there are plethora educational boards that are very informative about a variety of subjects. Well worth lingering about and reading especially if it is your first day of a multi-day visit. The park on a Thursday in off season was splendidly un-crowded. Zion national park is basically one road in to a dead end and back out again. It is impossible to walk on the road in the park. You can make your way through on the trail system, but some sections are strenuous. Pretty much everybody gets on the bus to go from site to site in the park. There are 9 stops and the busses operate all day, the wait at each stop is no more than 10 minutes. The last stop is the trailhead to the river view trail which is 1 mile in and ends at the trailhead to the Narrows. The narrows are awesome! It is where the canyon becomes too narrow to have a road, in fact most of the narrows are wall to wall water and you have to hike in the river. It goes 8 miles in and there are spots where you can touch both sides at the same time. More about the narrows on day 5.

Each stop for the bus has trailheads and / or other facilities like a museum and a lodge. literally everywhere in and around the park is amazing. The cliffs, rock formations, trees, all the colors; just breathtaking and awe inspiring.

We did two trails; the river view and the lower emerald pools. Both were amazing! Follow our Facebook and Instagram and the photos will give the best description of how beautiful it is. Right outside the park entrance is the Zion Canyon brewing company. Yes this is Utah, and there is a brewery. Well Utah has changed over the years, but that is a whole different topic so I digress. We had a local micro brew while waiting for our shuttle.


When we got back to the RV park our legs and feet were sore so we hit the jacuzzi for a soak, and did a few laps in the 80 degree swimming pool. We are using this vacation for, among other things, to try to get plenty of exercise and start getting into shape. We are sort of watching the diet, but not really. I mean we are on vacation after all so we are indulging a bit. But we are getting lots of exercise.

Well there is going to be so much more to share. I have to give the short version now in the interest of time, but I will just say right now; we are having the best time. Please keep following so we can tell you all about it.

Be sure to check out Lauries Instagram – Laurelavalon   Lauries Facebook and my Instagram –  timothysanchez7528 and Tim’s Facebook for more photos of our adventure.

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