RV experiment Day 5

Day 5

Friday October 26, 2018: It felt good to sleep in a bit after our great day of hiking and exploring in Zion National park on day 4. We woke up so excited because we decided we were going to hike the narrows. This day however presented some minor challenges. The Red Bull Rampage mountain bike event was right next to the RV park, Thursday is the finals and the traffic was heavy. It took longer to get to Zion National Park. In order to do the narrows hike we rented waterproof pants and shoes and neoprene socks and a walking stick. The best $41 I have ever spent. The outfitters are just outside the main walk-in entrance to the park. It took some time to get suited up, then there was road construction inside the park so the shuttle inside the park took longer.

The Narrows are at the last stop on the shuttle route. You have to hike in one mile on an easy trail to where the canyon becomes wall to wall river, that is where the narrows hike starts. The water is mostly ankle to mid thigh deep and moving at a moderate flow. It was not difficult to walk in the water as long as you can stay where there is a sandy bottom. Half the time however, the river is rocky so that makes it a little more difficult. The outfit we rented kept our legs dry and we were not cold at all. We walked in about two miles from the start of the narrows. It was beautiful and really fun to do that type of hiking.


Almost right away we encountered a deer coming down river right toward us. There was little room for him to pass us, but we moved over as far as we could so that he did not become agitated. He was a large buck with a big antlers, very healthy looking.


We determined our turn around point based on time so we could meet the RV resort shuttle at 3:00. We went back to the resort and soaked in the jacuzzi and swam for a while and went back home.

Another great day. Tomorrow is moving day as we make our way to Bryce Canyon National Park.

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