RV Experiment day 6

Day 6

Saturday October 27, 2018 was move day. Laurie and I both kind of hated to leave Zion, we were having such a great time. We thought about extending our stay but the park was full so we couldn’t. After breakfast we cleaned house and secured everything for travel. On day 2, while traveling a wine glass fell and broke. We learned the lesson that we need to do a good job of securing stuff before moving.


The trip to Bryce took about 2 ½ hours of some of the most amazing scenery. We drove through the Zion National Park and at the other side is a long tunnel. Our motor home is right at the maximum height allowed for the tunnel. It is an arch shaped tunnel so it is high in the middle and lower on the sides. They have to stop traffic when a larger vehicle goes through because we have to drive down the center, straddling the center line. The tunnel is about one mile, totally cool to go through it. After that we could see the other side of Zion and some different kind of rock formations.


Then cool ranch and farm land that looked a bit like we had traveled back in time.



We could see the red canyon in the distance as we headed north. When we got to that point we were amazed. So interesting. There are scenic pull outs on the road every quarter mile and you want to stop at all of them.


We got to the Ruby’s Inn RV park and campground and checked in. The campground is huge and has lots of trees. We are at an elevation over 7500 feet so it is colder here. We found out that the shuttle into the park stopped running for the winter just a few days ago so we will have to drive our rv into the park when we visit it. Not too thrilled about that. This is where having a tow vehicle would be handy. Many motor home travelers have a small car that they tow behind either on a trailer, a dolly or flat on all four wheels with some specialized gear.


We had a beautiful sunset while I made dinner. We watched a movie on Netflix and went to bed. Ready to figure out what to do tomorrow.




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