RV experiment Day 7 Bryce Canyon

Day 7 – Sunday October 28:

We are at the halfway point of our trip. Time to do some Laundry. Our day started out with a frozen water line. It got down to 26 degrees F between 5 and 8 AM, I got up and had no water flow. Then I saw a notice inside the door of our Motor Home that says: “protect the RV from freezing, you will be responsible for damages”. Now I am worried that the frozen water line is going to break something, what do I do? Another RV rookie learning experience. I went outside into the cold, I noticed that the RV’s around us did not have water lines hooked up. Oh, so if you are camping where it might freeze you unhook the water line before you go to bed at night. Got it; lesson learned. Laurie said “why don’t we use my blow dryer to thaw out the water line?” I said “that’s ridiculous, there is no way I’m going to blow dry the water line!” So there we were; blow drying the water line….. well it worked, water flow was restored and all is well in the kingdom once again. Laurie has some good ideas, she is a great partner and best friend.

We had breakfast , did our laundry and headed toward Bryce Canyon national park. The park entrance is only two miles away. Usually there is a free shuttle from the little community of Ruby’s to the park but it just stopped operating for the winter last week, so we had to drive the motor home there. We stopped at the first view spot called Fairyland Viewpoint. It is spectacular. There is a trailhead there for the fairyland loop trail. It is an 8 mile loop to hike through the hoodoos. We were still sore from the narrows hike, but we said; let’s go for it!


The fairyland loop trail from that point starts out on the canyon rim for about 2 ½ miles then drops straight down into the canyon. The sites were other worldly, at one point I thought I could have been on Mars with all of the red rock formations. The trail is strenuous, but it is mild for a while then intense, up and down, up and down through the canyon.


We stopped for a snack and rest at the tower bridge.


From tower bridge it is 4 miles to where we started to complete the loop. It felt like 8 more miles, the last mile or so was killer. By the last section of uphill out of the canyon my body hurt so bad that I thought I was going to die. It was a great hike though. It would have been better if I weight 50 pounds less. That is my goal and I hope this trip with all of the exercise we are getting will help kickstart my weight loss plan. I seriously need to get back into shape. I believe that one of the most important investments for your retirement years, what I call The Fourth Quarter, is investment in your health. What good does having a bunch of money saved for retirement do you if you are physically unable to enjoy it?

Laurie and I limped back to the motor home and drove the 2 miles back to Ruby’s RV campground. I could barely walk. Every cell in my body hurt! We had a beer and some water, took showers and got into our comfy clothes. I made a great salad with warm seasoned pinto beans, a recipe I copied from a Basque restaurant we used to frequent in Winnemucca Nevada. After dinner we gave each other massages and put Doterra Deep Blue All over our sore muscles. DeepBlue is a natural essential oil based ointment that is warm and soothing to sore muscles. It is like an all natural version of Icy Hot or Bengay but no chemicals, it works amazingly well. We watched a show on Netflix and went to bed. But first; I unhooked and drained the water hose. 😉

Tomorrow, day 8, we are bugging out of the cold and heading down to Lake Powel. We plan to spend two nights in Page Arizona before heading to the Grand Canyon.

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