RV Experiment day 8, to lake Powell

Day 8,  Monday Oct 29, 2018

After our long hike in Fairyland at Bryce Canyon National Park on Sunday, I got the best night of sleep I have had in a very long time. We packed up and prepped the motor home for travel and set out for Lake Powell.


It was a windy and cold morning at Bryce, but it was sunny and clear. The views were beautiful as we backtracked toward Zion NP. We passed once again through Glendale and Orderville Utah; old Mormon settlements in a beautiful rich farmland. We noticed while passing through that there hundreds of apple trees. I told Laurie, if I see a roadside produce stand I am stopping. I love apples, I eat at least one apple every day. So just a couple minutes after I said that I saw a roadside apple stand. I pulled over about 100 yards past it because that is how long it took me to stop the motor home. These big vehicles don’t exactly stop on a dime. Laurie and I walked back and met the nicest couple who operate Grandmas apple stand. He is a retired business owner who operated a successful business in Las Vegas for 35 years, he didn’t say what the business was. His wife is from Orderville and they own this large property with apple trees. They sell Jonathan, red delicious and golden delicious apples. They also make dried apples, apple sauce, apple pie, apple this and apple that. We talked for several minutes and we bought a couple bags of apples and a home made apple fruit roll up. They do not use pesticides, they don’t treat the apples, there is no wax on them but there may be a worm hole or two. They said it is easy to cut out a worm hole but you can’t remove the chemicals. I like that attitude. True organic fruit. We each ate an apple as we drove away toward Kanab Utah, it was delicious.

We stopped In Kanab Utah to fuel and to stock up on bottled water. We heard of Kanab from a guest that has stayed at The Avalon Hotel, where we work on Catalina Island. She owns a vacation rental in Kanab and has offered to let us stay there, but it was not available at this time. Kanab is beautiful and it is near the north rim of the Grand Canyon so a lot of people stay there for visiting Grand Canyon. I would love to return and stay here some day.


We made it to the Wahweap campground and RV park and found our assigned sight. It is perfect with an unobstructed view of the lake right behind us and long range views of mesas, buttes and mountains in the distance. We sat outside for hours and had a spaghetti dinner on the picnic table. Later on, around 10:30 we went outside again to look at the stars. It was super dark and clear; it was a spiritual experience seeing the billions of stars. Who are we in this grand universe?

It was a great travel day, we will stay here two nights. We plan to take a 3 hour boat tour of the lake tomorrow, that should prove to be a lot of fun.

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