Tim and Lauries RV Experiment day 9 lake Powell

Day 9 Tuesday October 30, 2018

The weather turned, when we woke up in the morning it was blustery. Cloudy and a little windy with light sprinkles of rain. We had a boat tour on Lake Powell scheduled for 1:00 pm so we had to plan for possible inclement weather.

It was an odd morning though. Our camp site pretty much straddles the state line, I think that when we are in the front half of the motor home we are in Arizona and when we are in the back half we are in Utah. Laurie and I can be in the same vehicle and be in two different time zones. In fact our phones keep switching back and forth all day long, one minute we look at the phone and it says one time, the next minute it is an hour different. I kept getting an hour older then an hour younger over and over again. We had to walk over a mile to go to the marina for our tour, we were planning to leave at 11:45 am, but we were not sure what time to go by. It was so confusing. I had to make an embarrassing phone call to the marina and ask them what time zone they are in. The man understood my dilemma, it is a common question for him. It is probably on his list of stupid questions that tourists ask. We do the same thing on Catalina Island; we keep stupid question lists like “ Is there water on the other side of the island too?” “Do you accept United States currency here?”

We walked on a one and a quarter mile nature trail that starts just behind our space and leads to the marina. It was very a very pleasant walk. We boarded the boat and it took us by the dam and into two narrow canyons of Lake Powell. They provided us with headphones that had a recorded narrative about the lake and history and geology; it was basic information but interesting for sure. The weather held up for the most part; there were some scattered sprinkles and it was windy and cool but not too uncomfortable.

When we returned to the RV the sky started turning all sorts of ominous colors as the sun set. We could see for miles and miles across the desert and the large puffy rain clouds dropping black lines of rainfall in the distance looked like giant jellyfish in the sky. Right after the sun set it started pouring rain and continued for about an hour. It was exciting and soothing at the same time hearing the raindrops on the roof of the motor home.

We had dinner, watched TV on our iPad for a while and went to bed at 8:00. We are heading out tomorrow to make our way to the south rim of the Grand Canyon. We are so excited! Neither Laurie nor I have ever been to the Grand Canyon, we will spend three nights there.

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