RV trip day 10 to Grand Canyon

Day 10 Wednesday October 31

Travel day. Powell to Grand Canyon

Staying at Wahweap campground was really nice, I would totally return to this site. I learned a valuable lesson, however; getting phone and internet service is not always possible while traveling. Well if you are just trying to use your phone alone. The phone signal is very weak here and the free WiFi that the campground supplies is even weaker. For someone who is a road warrior, trying to work remotely while traveling, you must invest in some technology that will enable you to get internet anywhere. There are many options for that and the really good ones are expensive. I will soon be writing a review of what I learn after researching internet options for life in an RV.

After we packed up and pulled out of our camp site, we stopped at the main Lake Powell Resort. There is a big lobby with a couple restaurants, a gift shop and a reservations area for lodging, rentals and tours. Their free WiFi is a little bit better, so we sat in a lounge for about 45 minutes and caught up on some of our online pursuits. Then we hit the road heading toward the Grand Canyon.

The trip to Grand Canyon was about 3 ½ hours for us. We stopped at a vista point and had lunch, veggie sandwiches, then went to check out the view of the little Colorado river gorge. The entire way from Powell to the entrance to the national park is on Navajo land. Every view spot is lined with their little trinket stands and they are trying to sell you their tourist trap souvenirs. They try to tell you that they make their jewelry and pottery themselves by hand. Then you go down the line and the next stand has identical items that they also claim to make themselves. Hmmmmm; amazing how they can make such perfect matches with so many different people hand making these items.

We got to the Grand Canyon village around 3:00 pm, pulled into our camp site and there were 3 elk sitting right next to our site. They hung around and foraged near our motor home all afternoon, they are like pets around here. They are huge though, the size of a small horse.


The south rim village has a free bus service that runs year around and is very convenient. There are also well maintained foot and bike trails everywhere so you can walk to a lot of the attractions. It is about a 5 minute walk to the visitors center and 7 minutes to the rim of the canyon from our campground.
We took the bus into the village to have our first dinner out since we started our trip. It was terrible. I will be going back to making my own food from now on. But on the bright side, we were able to get a quick overview of the area while we rode the bus back and forth so we are ready for our big Grand Canyon adventure to start tomorrow.

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