Day 12 travel day to Palm Springs

Friday November 2 2018

With about a seven hour drive ahead of us, we battened down the hatches once again and tore out of the Grand Canyon like a herd of turtles. We stopped in Williams Arizona and had breakfast in a classic Route 66 diner then drove pretty much solid until we reached our campsite in Palm Springs. Laurie read a book to me the whole way as we like to do. She is reading a great book “ The life and legacy if D. M. Renton.” He was an amazing entrepreneur that built many homes in Pasadena and then built much of the city of Avalon between 1919 and 1936. He was the kind of forward thinking and resilient kind of business man that sets the standard for successful entrepreneurship .

It’s not much of an RV site but at least we finally can enjoy a warm night! We sat outside until 10:00 pm talking and sipping scotch, it so pleasant. Tomorrow is really our last day of real vacationing then we have to start getting ready to return the rental motor home on Monday.

what kind of adventure can we find in Palm Springs? We shall see.

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