RV adventure day 11, Grand Canyon

Day 11 Thursday November 1, 2018.

Overnight temperatures were around 25 degrees. We have been hunkered down in our motor home for much of the second week of our trip. It was very cold at Bryce Canyon, rainy at Powell and really cold at Grand Canyon. Note to self, perhaps we should plan on early to mid October for this trip rather than late October. The first week was perfect weather and Zion National Park is hands down our favorite spot on this trip.

In spite of the cold, the Grand Canyon is spectacular. I’ve seen the photos but they don’t compare to seeing it in real life. We went to the visitors center and looked at the displays about the history and geological make up of the canyon and we watched a couple of great informational movies in the theatre there. Then we set out on a 3 mile hike along the rim from the visitors center to the village. The trails into the canyon are extreme and after the hike we did in Fairyland at Bryce Canyon I did not feel up to punishing my body again on this trip so we stayed on the rim which is pretty level. We will plan another longer trip to the Grand Canyon in the future to take the burrow rides through the canyon, or take 5 days to hike and camp. We saw an advertisement for river rafting trips through the canyon that look pretty good too.

At the end of our hike we stopped at a really cool art studio with some great lookout spots. About that time I hit the wall. I did not sleep well the night before and for some reason I was overcome with exhaustion. I have been doing a lot of hiking and walking and physical activity for an old fat man. I repeat , I have to lose 50 lbs and get into shape again, what good is working out a great retirement plan if you are too unhealthy to enjoy it. I am committed to the idea that the number one investment to make for the fourth quarter of your life is investment into your health and well being. That being said, we had pizza and beer for dinner! LOL……. Well we are on vacation and we have been eating really healthy for most of it. My extreme fatigue got the best of me, I weakened and had pizza; it didn’t help me fell better either. Lesson learned.


We got prepared for another sub freezing night, I unhooked the water lines and put them away. We could not sit outside to enjoy the evening so we stayed indoors again, watched TV for a bit and went to bed at 8:00 pm. We realized that we are tired of being cold. We are supposed to stay one more night at Grand Canyon but we decided to bug out early and go somewhere warm; Palm Springs.

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