Avalon Pack and Ship is in Business

It has been quite a while since I last wrote a blog post.  The last time I wrote on this subject I said that I was working on finding retail space to move forward with the plan to open my Pack and ship store.  Well I found the retail space and I have been all consumed with getting the business going ever since.  Here is the story of how it all came about.

While I was searching for retail space back in December 2018 to early 2019 I learned that an friend of mine who owned the former Radio Shack franchise here in Avalon was trying to sell her business to move on to a new opportunity.  When the Radio Shack franchise program ended several years ago; she converted the store into an independent “Tech Shack” store selling pretty much the same types of products.


One evening some friends were over on a Friday night, we were sitting around the fire pit drinking wine and having hors d’ oeuvres in the courtyard of the Avalon Hotel, where Laurie and I Live.  Julie was there and in a rare minute of alcohol induced boldness I told her that I am trying to open a pack and ship store and I think my store format can work with what she has, and I would like to talk about taking over her store.  I of course recognized that I was not an a condition to make any serious decisions but actually arranged to meet another day when I am not enjoying some great wine.

After meeting and talking it over I was so excited about the prospects of taking a small consumer electronics store and adding a pack and ship store to it.  It all looked so perfect; initially.  I was ready to start right away to buy her store and start remodeling it.  Then I got cold feet.  I could not sleep for days just thinking and planning and calculating and I sort of overwhelmed myself in my head so I said stop.  It seemed that I was taking on more than I could handle at that time and I became afraid of the sacrifice I would have to make.

A couple weeks went by and I had some good nights of sleep and I backed away from the situation mentally and had a chance to think more clearly.  I was able to put the whole plan into a better and more reasonable perspective.  I asked to meet Julie again and we came up with a mutually acceptable agreement for me to buy her Tech Shack store March 1, 2019 and I did.

Julie was letting the store run out of merchandise, I think she was in the mindset that if she does not sell the store she would just walk away from it. I have been slowly filling the shelves back up again with the products that are the best sellers.  So far our fastest selling retail items are mobile phone accessories, pre paid phones and phone cards.  Our store is also the only place where people can go to pay their utility bills in person which is great because there is a large segment of our community that only use cash for everything.  It is great that I started my new store with already established traffic , so we have a captive audience to market packaging and shipping plus business supplies and services.


Starting March 1, 2019 I took over and what a wild ride it has been.  There have been battles with losses and victories, some things have been quite smooth and many things that have been nightmarish.  I will be sharing my first 90 days story in my next blog post. However, I have my store and I can now say that it is great, I am loving it, I am making it my own and I think I have been creating the right mix of Pack and ship store with office supplies and consumer electronics.  Avalon PASS / Tech Shack does it all; mailbox rentals, packaging, shipping, office supplies, print, fax and copy, pay your bills here with Check Free Pay, prepaid mobile phones, gift cards and a whole lot more.


Published by

Tim Sanchez

Entrepreneur operating a Packaging and Shipping Services Business and an E-commerce business in Avalon, California on Catalina Island.

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