Cruise America RV Rentals – review

By Tim Sanchez

My wife Laurie and I had never traveled nor stayed in a motor home before we decided to take a long RV vacation. We are nearing retirement age and have been tossing around the idea of buying a motor home and traveling all around the country while working remotely on the road. Our first step in the decision making process for our dream adventure is to determine if we even like being in a Motor Home.

We got two weeks off work and planned to rent a motor home. I checked out the site. That is sort of an air B and B for privately owned RV’s. I looked at a few models and read the descriptions and restrictions and looked at the photos and I saved a few possibilities. Then I saw a link for Cruise America RV Rentals And Sales. I consumed their entire website and I was sold. Everything about their operation was professional and very well thought out and to me prices seemed very reasonable. I booked their largest motor home, 30 feet long powered by a Ford E 450. For a small additional fee we rented kitchen supplies and cookware, linens and towels. It was worth it since everything we bring has to be barged over and back to and from our home on Catalina Island.

When we arrived at Cruise America the day of pick up, we were met with very personable and friendly staff who helped us through the rental process very quickly and efficiently. We loaded up and were on our way in less than 2 hours.

Everything in our RV worked perfectly, we had no problems whatsoever. If we did have a problem we were supplied with all of the information we need to resolve it. They allow us to make minor repairs on our own if needed and they will reimburse us for what we fix.

We drove a route through the national parks of Southern Utah and Northern Arizona. We stayed at 8 different RV Parks in two weeks. Moving the motor home, set up and take town was easy and problem free.

At the end of our trip the check In Process was a little hectic since many people return on Mondays. Although hectic it was well organized and efficient. They were patient while we unloaded our personal belongings of which we brought more than was necessary. I am a chronic over-packer. We thoroughly cleaned the inside of the motor home because that is how we do, we like to show respect for other people’s property. We emptied the grey and black tanks and filled the gas and propane tanks, therefore our full deposit was returned. Their inspection took only a few minutes, I signed the final receipt and we were on our way.

We rented the largest motor home they have, 30 feet. It was roomy for 2 people so we felt right at home. It sleeps 7 but I personally would feel confined if there were more than 4 people unless everyone could spend a lot of time outside. Our trip was in the fall and it was cold outside so if 7 people were huddled in there to stay out of the cold it might be a little cramped. The refrigerator was a really good size and we were able to eat almost all of our meals in the motor home.

In summery our two week rental of the RV from Cruise America was a very good experience. The cost was reasonable, the rental ended up averaging about $100.00 per day. We traveled 1400 miles and spent about $480.00 in gas. We stayed in nice full hookup RV Parks every night at an average of $50 per night. It would be easy to boondock camp, (without hook ups) 2 out of 3 nights or so and save rv space fees as long as you manage your holding tanks and water supply. Many regional parks, state parks and some national parks allow RV’s to camp with no hook ups, and they have restrooms, showers and water available for use. So boondocking is totally doable. You may, however need to use the generator in the RV and that costs $3.50 per hour plus the gas you use from the motor homes gas tank.

I strongly recommend Cruise America and rental motor home vacationing. If you think you would enjoy motor home travel then just do it, you will love it.

Tim and Lauries RV Experiment Wrap up

Tuesday November 6, 2018

Winding down our vacation we hightailed it from freezing at the Grand Canyon to Palm Springs on Friday morning , November 2 for a taste of warmth for a couple of nights. We spent Saturday playing tourist sort of, we rode the famous tram up to the top of Mount San Jacinto and enjoyed the views for a couple hours. Then we went down and caught the new Bohemian Rhapsody movie at an IMAX theatre. I have always loved the music of the band Queen. It was a great movie, the actors did a great job of emulating the band members especially Freddie Mercury and Brian May.

Since we did not have any other transportation except for the motor home, we used Uber to get around Palm Springs. When we buy our motor home we will make sure it has the towing capacity to pull our Toyota 4Runner behind it so we can get around more easily from our camp sights. Either that or we will buy a smaller car to tow, but either way you have to have a tow car if you do the Motor Home thing otherwise you will be stuck at the campground or will need to pay for a lot of taxi and Uber rides.

Sunday morning we moved to Featherly Wilderness Preserve in Anaheim. We stayed at Canyon RV park backed up to the edge of the Santa Ana river. Epic site! Canyon park is a hidden jewel next to Green River Golf course it gets two thumbs up from me. The only drawbacks are it is expensive, $75 per night, you can hear ambient freeway noise even though there is a massive sound wall and they don’t have WiFi. It is still worth the visit.


We spent some time organizing and cleaning the RV Sunday night because we planned to return it as early as possible Monday morning. We drove it back to Carson and got there around 10:00. We learned that it is pretty hectic on a Monday morning with many people returning at the same time. We were not as ready as we would have liked to have been. They were very kind and patient while we packed up. Next time we will stop somewhere and pack everything up and transfer it to our car before we pull into the Cruise America lot. We returned the motor home clean and full of gas, propane and the holding tanks were empty. Our full deposit plus a little extra was refunded to us because we filled up what should be full and emptied what should be empty, our refund was $578.00. The total cost of a 15 day rental ended up being $1500.00 or $100.00 per day plus our fuel and campground fees. It was totally worth it. Our trip was unforgettable and so enjoyable we would recommend it and we would definitely do it again except I think we will buy our own motor home now.

Our assessment is without a doubt, RV life is for us. This is what we want to do long term someday.

Now we are home and it is time to get back to building my business.

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