Entrepreneurial disease in the fourth quarter.

By Timothy Sanchez
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What is entrepreneurial disease? For some it is a desire to invent and create along with an intense craving for independence that can be so strong that it makes working for other people and doing a “normal job” nearly impossible. Many people with this bug feel confined and restricted working a 9 to 5 clock out in and clock out job.

An entrepreneur is an artist, we are always observing things and thinking of how we can create a business or make money. For example; an entrepreneur will see a guy washing his car and he will think, I can wash a car, ‘I wonder how I can make money washing cars for other people?’ To an artist this type of thinking is an obsession, these thoughts cannot get out of our head unless we try and create our own way to have an independent businesses to create our own self reliant income. One might have a good job but may be thinking;

‘Why should I do all this work and give away my talent and skills so that someone else can get rich while I am earning peanuts?’

This is entrepreneurial disease.

Entrepreneurship in the fourth quarter of life is a new challenge. Entrepreneurial disease does not go away when your older. However with age comes wisdom and fourth quarter entrepreneurs are typically more cautious, less willing to take big risks. Fortunately, many can easily simplify things and learn to live with less and with the internet, services and consulting there are many businesses that have low start up cost. The key is to be able to satisfy the desire for independence while insuring a sustainable retirement income or supplemental income. An endeavor that aligns with what you want retirement to look like. For example; do you want to retire and enjoy where you live? Or are you filled with wander lust and want to travel?

The Fourth Quarter is the time to arrange for working less or not at all while maintaining a fulfilling lifestyle. Business owners may arrange their business so that it can be ran by employees while setting aside a percentage of profits or a salary for the absentee owner as an income.  Some may plan to sell the business and live off the proceeds. Other entrepreneurs might scale down their business or start a new small business that can be operated part time.

There are many ways to create passive or massive income especially with online marketing and / or virtual business. For those who wish to spend their golden years traveling, RV living or who just want the flexibility to work when and where they want to; internet based businesses are the way to go. If you have writing ability and some computer savvy, affiliate marketing is a great way to earn money promoting other people’s products through a variety of avenues like blogging, social media, content marketing or other ways too numerous to list.

Selling on Ebay is a good way to earn some extra cash especially if you have a knack for finding deals so you can buy items at a great discount and sell them for a profit. It is called arbitrage and there are ways to find good deals going to yard sales, auctions or to close out sales at retail outlets. There are some handling challenges with Ebay as you need to be able to pack and ship what you sell, but it is doable even for road warriors living in an RV.

For those who don’t want to fuss with handling merchandise and shipping product, you can sell goods on Amazon. If you are good at finding deals on merchandise by buying in bulk; you can ship loads of product to Amazon and they will do all of the packing and shipping for you. It is called Amazon FBA; or fulfilled by Amazon.

Another way of selling merchandise without handling it is drop shipping. You can build an online store using a variety of platforms that are easy to set up, and you can sell a huge variety of merchandise that will be packaged and shipped by a warehouse directly to your customer. You never have to see or touch the merchandise and you don’t even have to buy inventory in advance. The drop shipping warehouse will charge you for the product after it sells and you keep the profit. There are several companies that do this as a service and represent a large variety of products. These drop shipping services typically charge a monthly fee but if you have marketing skills, you can make good money at it. SaleHoo is the biggest and best drop shipping service provider they have plenty of resources  to help you succeed plus there are other good training and advice from successful dropship entrepreneurs.  It is possible to find a company who makes a product that you can negotiate your own drop shipping agreement with and that is the most profitable way to go. You market their product and they ship it, you both make money.

I will go into more details on each of these avenues of internet based businesses and many more in future articles.

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FIRE or PE? What does freedom look like for you?

In my research about how to become independent from employment slavery, I frequently come across articles about FIRE. I was told that if I have not heard of FIRE I must be living under a rock. I actually live on a rock but that is a whole other story. Apparently FIRE is all the rage now it stands for Financial Independence / Retire Early. At first glance I thought, yes that is what I am looking for. But is it really? Looking at Financial Independence literally it means having all the money you need without doing anything more to get it. For example, retiring with a big pension, being the beneficiary of a trust fund, saving and investing boatloads of money or winning the lottery.
This is the dream of many, retire early and start living the good life. For many people in my age group, living in the fourth quarter, if you don’t already have at least a couple million dollars in the bank it’s probably too late to save for true lasting financial independence and early retirement. To be realistic in my personal plans, I am working towards an independent lifestyle where I can earn enough through entrepreneurial endeavors to live comfortably and be able to enjoy a retirement like lifestyle while I am young and healthy enough to enjoy it. Rather than retiring from working; I am working toward breaking away from confining clock in and clock out employment and going independent, working on my own terms through entrepreneurial pursuits. That is what I call PE or perpetual entrepreneurship ; the idea is to develop the independent income streams through entrepreneurial endeavors to the point where they are generating steady income while personal involvement to work at it lessens with time. Ideally to have a business that can be run by employees while you take a cut of the profit to live off of. Or build it up to the point to where it is marketable to sell the business at a good price and live off the proceeds.
Currently I have an e-commerce business and I am expanding my business to meet a need that I see in my community. The very notion of entrepreneurship is finding a need and building a business that fills that need. Catalina island is a resort island off the coast of Southern California. The only town or city is Avalon; 2.9 square miles with a population of approximately 4000. Avalon is a beautiful hamlet that is well marketed as a weekend escape vacation destination therefore the primary revenue to the island is through tourism. During the busy summer season there will be hundreds of temporary workers that will move in and work for 4 to 6 months. One of the challenges for temporary residents on an isolated island is getting mail and packages. Avalon has no mail delivery, the only way to get mail is through a USPS provided PO Box and only full time year around residents are allowed to have one. Temporary residents can receive mail addressed to their name , General delivery, Avalon, CA. 90704. Then they can pick up mail at the window. That works to a point, but they can not order things online because most online retailers will not send product to a general delivery address. Plus some online retailers ship via UPS or Fed Ex. In Avalon a local company delivers parcels from those major carriers but temporary workers often live in bunkhouse type of workforce housing complexes and that creates challenges for receiving their parcels. Therefore I am working on opening a mailbox rental company similar to mailboxes etc. or the UPS store. Anybody, year around residents and temporary residents will be able to rent a mailbox and receive their mail and parcels securely and reliably at Avalon PASS. I looked into buying a franchise but they are very expensive and I would have to pay for services that the franchise requires that is not necessary  in our small community like big advertising and marketing campaigns. If you live an a large town or city on the mainland a franchise may be a good option for this type of business.
Avalon Packaging and Shipping services aka Avalon PASS is being modeled after a UPS store or mailboxes etc., but I am building it from scratch. Avalon PASS will fill another need in our community; packaging and shipping. Often visitors overpack or over shop and end up with too much stuff to carry home with them, so we can ship it for them. Hotels, restaurants and tour operators find items that guests leave behind. Most will be happy to send the lost item to its rightful owner but that is time consuming so Avalon PASS takes care of packaging and shipping items or merchandise for them. We have all the packaging materials and facilities to pack and ship easily and efficiently as I am already operating an e-commerce business and I ship product daily. There are many other income streams that will be included in the business including various business services for local businesses and travelers alike. I have been operating the business on a small scale with only a few clients for over a year now and I am gearing up to launch it full scale by the beginning of 2019.
I will make regular blog posts to document the progress. I hope my readers will find it informative and encouraging to anyone who has an entrepreneurial drive to start a business. Perhaps following my development of the business will be useful to anyone who dreams of starting any business weather it be pack and ship or something else. Years ago I built a successful vending business from scratch so this isn’t my first rodeo. Look for my blog about starting a vending business coming soon. Please follow my blog and feel free to comment, ask questions and share.

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Tim and Lauries RV Experiment day 2

Viva Las Vegas. Laurie and I had a good first night in our motor home. We were up early and I made a pot of coffee and we sat and talked and had a nice morning. We left the windows open overnight and it was just right, until just before sunrise. It is always coldest just before dawn but it was really cold. Our heater worked like a champ. We will really need that when we get to Bryce Canyon later this week with overnight lows expected to be around 30 degrees F.


After a bowl of oatmeal we set out for St George Utah. An ambitious quest that we would soon realize is unrealistic. We left Bonita Ranch at 9:00 AM, we got gas and headed North on the I-15 over El Cajon pass. That took a while. We stopped at a random am/pm in the middle nowhere around noon because I was hungry. We made veggie sandwiches in the RV, ate and at that moment I thought that we were still about 2 hours from Las Vegas. We would get there around 2:45 and we would still have a couple hours to St George.

Lesson learned; getting around in a motor home takes a lot more time than getting around in a car! Therefore I decided to stop and stay the night in Vegas. I called ahead to the Oasis RV resort and reserved a space. I told them I am renting a motor home from Cruise America so they said “oh, you get a 20% discount”. Sweet! We got to Oasis at 2:45 as predicted and set up camp. There are so many unbelievable motor homes here. We are going crazy drooling over the 3 million dollar class A motor homes that are here, wow. There are dozens of them and they are literally mansions on wheels.


A random thing happened on the way to Vegas: a couple weeks ago Laurie started following a couple on Instagram who lived in a van for 6 months and have been traveling all over. Their photos and stories are inspiring and beautiful. She eventually realized that we know them. It gets better. Crystal and Chad were following our adventure on social media too. They were driving on their way to Benton Hot Springs, one of our favorite places too, and they realized that we were close to where they are. Chad was passing a motor home and said, I wonder if that is Tim and Laurie. It is! So we are driving through El Cajon pass and Lauries phone rings with a random number from Hawaii so she ignores it, then the same number pops up on my phone so she answered it. The voice on the other side said; this is Crystal and Chad, we are right in front of you. Wow! Laurie recognized the van from the Instagram photos. We pulled off the road at a Starbucks and got to hang out with them for a while. It was so awesome. We Love you guys, hope you can come visit us on the island soon.


I think one of the best things that we can look forward to when we unplug and live the independent RV road warrior life is the friends we will make and friends we will encounter along the way. Being rich is not at all about money. Being rich is about relationships and experiences. Money is important for being able to have your needs cared for and for a measure of comfort. The most important investments you should make for becoming independent and / or retired is investments in your spiritual and physical health and in forging lasting relationships. Money can run out or get lost or stolen and your health will eventually fail; but nobody can take away your faith or friends.


Oasis RV resort in Las Vegas is a massive 55 acre – Casablanca themed resort with a thousand spaces and a 24,000 square foot clubhouse with a store, restaurant , fitness center, meeting spaces and more. Outside are two lagoon style swimming pools with white sand beaches, a jacuzzi, an 18 hole putting golf course and a dog park. The bathrooms and showers are large and clean, and they have nice laundry facilities. We parked in a pull through space, it is wide and spacious with a picnic table and full hookups. With our discount it was only $42.00 per night. The resort is just minutes from the Las Vegas strip so if you want to go catch a show or tour the strip it is easy enough to go do that.

Next up is day 3, heading to Zion national park for 3 nights at the Zion River Resort. Now it’s gonna get real good! Look for our photos on Tim’s Instagram and Facebook. And Laurie’s Instagram and Facebook.

What is the Fourth Quarter?

I remember when I was very young, there was a family friend who retired from his job where he worked for decades. He went to a party, got a gold watch and never worked again. Day after day there he was, sitting in his easy chair watching TV as if he had been waiting his whole life for the day he could sit and watch TV all day long and not work. He obviously had a pension, he did not seem to want for money. I saw that after he retired he started to look and act so old, he walked so slow and hunched over. He died at the age that is not too far away from where I am now. It seemed to me from the perspective of a young person that people were supposed to retire at 65 and that was the beginning of the end for them.
The thought of working my whole life, retiring and dying seemed so dreadful.

These are different times however, we know more about health and fitness than they did in the 1960’s. Seniors are living very active and healthier lifestyles with ambition to continue to better themselves. Work culture has changed too. Back then it was very common for people to get one job when they got out of school and / or military service and keep that job until they retire. During my working lifetime it slowly became normal for people to change jobs frequently and that is what I did my whole life. Changing jobs and learning new skills, continuously building a strong resume and a variety of skills is what I thought of as a good investment for my retirement years. I have also always had a side business, some sort of entrepreneurial hobby and I have always planned on breaking free from employment and going totally independent. I succeeded in that once but a nasty divorce knocked me back to square one so I had to start all over again from scratch at age 40.

My blog is directed at people like me who are late to the party, with very little in the way of savings or pensions and who know that social security payouts alone will not cut it.  At the same time, we want to have the feeling of being retired early; work less, travel, golf, fish or whatever we find joy in doing a lot of. Since people are living longer and we have so many things we want to experience, retirement savings needs to last so much longer. Nobody wants the money to run out before we complete our bucket list. I am promoting the idea of building sustainable retirement income through entrepreneurial endeavors and smart investments. I want to encourage and help people who are working for what I am working for and in doing so I can gain encouragement and knowledge from what I research and write about in my blog. I will be reviewing a wide variety of casual employment opportunities, part time business opportunities, financial investments and personal investments; ways to better ourselves in order to fully enjoy our retirement years to the full.

My blog is also a journal of my progress in building a business and good investments that will help finance my fourth quarter, and my dream of taking my business on the road and traveling around to all lower 48 states and to as many points of interest as my wife and I can. I hope my experiences and advice will inspire and benefit people who want to live a more casual and free lifestyle.

As of this writing, I am on a 5 year sprint to reach my goal of becoming free from employment with the ability to maintain independent income while being mobile, free to roam, for both my wife and I. I think of my goal as, rather than working for retirement, I am working for independence from employment. The fourth quarter for me is not only these final five years before independence, but it is for the rest of my life as I reap the benefits of my work and investments.

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The Journey Begins


Ever since I was a young boy I had an entrepreneurial spirit. I was careful with money; I collected and saved things that I thought I could profit from later. I found ways to make money by non traditional methods. The concept of Financial Independence came to me naturally. However,  I am a workaholic who doesn’t want to “go to work” so to speak. I once read that the definition of entrepreneur is a person who is willing to work 80 hours per week to avoid working a 40 hour 9 to 5 workweek. That describes me perfectly.
Now that i am at the point in my life that I am calling The Fourth Quarter; I am quickly moving toward an age where most people would expect to retire. My life however has had some unfortunate twists, I have been divorced twice and am now married a third time. I finally got it right this time by the way. But on account of my divorces I had to start all over again from scratch to invest and save for retirement at age 40.

My blog is about my journey; working toward a satisfying retirement on what will be a pretty low retirement income. I strongly believe I have it all worked out, I have been thinking, dreaming and planning for this my whole life. I want to share with you what I have learned along the way with the hope that you could benefit from it as you plan for your retirement.

Please follow my blog and see how my plan is going. Let’s learn together what new tricks and strategies we can use to help us on the way to being able to enjoy retirement to the full. Feel free to chime in and share your ideas and experiences too. Open communication will benefit everyone who follows my blog.

I will be covering a wide variety of topics relating to my theme including:

• Investments
• Health care
• Working while retired
• Traveling while retired
• RV living
• Financial contentment
• Financial security and independence
• Increase income by downsizing and simplifying
• Living within your means; a retirement budget plan
I accept that some of my ideas plans and strategies may not work for everyone. However I am confident that many of the principles that I will promote will help many to shape their own successful retirement plan. Each person has their own set of life experiences, skill sets and circumstances, but we all want the same thing; a life of independence and contentment while we enjoy our life in the Fourth Quarter.
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Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton