Life and Health and business

I have been falling behind on my goal of writing one article per week. I have been quite busy with life and health and business though, as everyone is I’m sure. Well, this article is an update on what is going on.

First, I have been really serious about getting healthy and losing weight. I topped out at 248 pounds and I developed self-diagnosed obstructive sleep apnea. My wife, Laurie, recorded my sleeping and my snoring went from annoying to life threatening in the span of several months. I was not breathing for long periods of time and it sounded like I was breathing through small gauge straw that was pinched on one end. I used to be a total morning person, I would wake up and be ready to take on the world, but I was waking up tired and was tired all day long. My health was in a massive decline.
At the recommendation of several friends we stopped eating all animal products and have been eating an exclusively plant based diet. I immediately see why people are raving about it. I was skeptical at first, I thought it was just a radical fad. Now I am a believer. I lost 10 pounds in 2 weeks and my sleep apnea went away almost completely. That was 4 weeks ago, today I am down 18 pounds and I feel great. I have more energy in the morning and all day long.
I have been having an amazing time inventing vegan all plant based recipes. My meals have been so good it is mind boggling and I can eat a pretty hearty amount of food but I don’t get that horrible sick feeling that I used to get when I ate the same amount of food that contained animal products like butter, cheese and meat. I learned how to make a super simple cheese replacement using organic cashews and nutritional yeast and it is very good and satisfying. Instead of meat I use mushrooms and squash and other vegetables to make really tasty and filling meals. I have no craving whatsoever to eat meat or dairy any more. Making great vegan meals has become a fun hobby; I can’t wait to get to the kitchen and make delicious meals.

I have been sharing my recipes with my friends and I think I will start sharing my best ones here on my blog site. If that interests you, please save my blog so you can check in on it later.
So, taking on a new eating lifestyle has actually been quite time consuming. But it has been enjoyable. In addition to that I have been working on my business plan to open a Packaging and Shipping store with mailbox rentals. That project is moving along quite well even though I am also working 3 part time jobs. My next blog article will update the status of the business. My experience with building my store will be of interest to entrepreneurs everywhere so please check back.

By Tim Sanchez

Investing in your health for the fourth quarter

By Timothy Sanchez
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There was once a rich man who’s crops and land produced so well that he tore down his storehouses and built larger ones so he could keep all that he had. When they were completed the rich man was satisfied and exclaimed ; I have many things to last me many years, now I can take it easy, eat , drink and enjoy myself! Then God said, tonight they are demanding your life from you, who then is to have all of your belongings?

Planning for retirement, or for the fourth quarter when you want to take it easy and enjoy yourself, usually brings to mind saving money and making sound financial investments. However, what good is property, material possessions and money if you are too sick and decrepit to enjoy it all. I have always been a believer that the most important investment for your future is in your health. I would rather be a person who is broke and heathy still working into my 90’s, than a financially independent retired person who is sick and decrepit.

I have always been athletic and was involved with sports my whole life. In the last few years however, I have really slowed down my healthy active lifestyle and I have gained a lot of weight; 55 lbs. Wow! I didn’t even notice how much I had gained until I had to buy size 40 pants a few months ago. So it is time to put my money where my mouth is. I believe what I say about the importance of staying healthy and in shape, but it is so much easier to say than it is to do.

like most people, once I fell into an unhealthy lifestyle; I find it super difficult to start to change back to a healthy lifestyle again. It seems that what worked in the past no longer works so you have to try something different. But what? There is so much advice out there, but It is not a one size fits all thing, each individual must decide on what works best for them. The most important thing , though, is to do something. You must put effort into developing a healthy lifestyle and take good care of your physical, spiritual and mental health. It is more important than building a strong financial portfolio. Making a good financial investment requires research and counseling, the same is true with investing in your health. Educate yourself and do what will work for you long term.

My stepson and his wife lost a lot of weight and feel great doing a Keto diet. Many of my family members did great with the Bill Phillips Body for life program. Some just cut out dairy, or carbohydrates or some other program. One thing I know is a diet is only half the equation; you must also move, exercise, stretch. So there must be both diet and exercise in your plan.

So here is what I am doing. Right now I can’t exercise much because I’m so out of shape that it hurts. I have to ease into it. My exercise consists of stretching, light calisthenic exercises, walking and swimming. (Or SCUBA diving). My diet ; wait for it,…. Is a strictly plant based diet. The fact is, I really never have been that much of a meat lover, I don’t feel well after I eat red meat, never have. I like seafood, poultry cheese, and eggs and sour cream but not eating animal products is easy for me. We have had several friends visit us over the course of the last three weeks and they are all vegans. So to go along with the crowd I followed along and while we were all together I refrained from eating meat also. Eventually about two weeks ago I stopped all meat, eggs and dairy. I am eating an all plant based diet and I have lost over 10 lbs in two weeks. Yay me.

I hope to keep it going and start to ramp up my exercising also. I now have “only” 45 lbs to lose and I expect to lose it in 6 months. By Memorial Day 2019 I will be 190 lbs. and able to run and jump again.

I am excited about vegan cooking too. I am creating great recipes already and am sharing recipes with my friends. I feel really good already and I think it is because all of the meat and dairy was too difficult for my body to process so it was making me tired and sluggish. Well I hope you will follow along and choose what works for you and work toward achieving optimum health and fitness. Invest in your health so you can enjoy the fourth quarter of life to the full.

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